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DTE can custom create your application custom tailored to your indursty requirements.  Contact us for a consultation

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Customer Relationship Management

Reservation Management

Event Solutions

Let us design your software system to help you easily track all communications and nurture relationships with your leads and clients. Your CRM replaces the multitude of spreadsheets, databases and apps that many businesses patch together to track client data.  Web based platforms with on the fly mobile applications available for your daily needs.

Create a web and mobile reservations management system that will allow you to not only reserve, but check in, see what's available, cancel and much more. Available for homes, event spaces, athletic clubs and any other type of scenario where real time data is necessary to gauge capacity limits and accomodations

Publish and brand your event on a mobile app. Shedules, photo uploads, live chat, push notifications are amongst some of the features a mobile event app can do for your next big production. 

Your event mobile app is an effective channel for the streamlined delivery of effective and engaging communications. By adopting a single mobile solution for every meeting or event year round, event mangers are able to focus on driving attendance and engagement, rather than wasting paper and ink.

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